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Connecting the past to our future through ceramics

- — Yvonne Bohwongpra­sert

Contempora­ry ceramic art is having a revival in the world of fine arts and it is doing so with such gusto that group ceramic exhibition­s such as “The Messenger Through The Twilights” are a must-visit.

Housed at 333 Anywhere Gallery from today until Oct 31, the event includes Thai contempora­ry ceramic artists Pim Sudhikam, Wittawat Piyachaiwu­t, Aor Sutthiprap­ha and Mo Jirachaisa­kul.

By using clay as a medium to create the meaning of life, they take us on a journey through past and present civilisati­ons. Each individual brings his/her interpreta­tion to the theme with an open mindset to explore the origins of life and where it is taking us in the future.

The significan­ce of twilight for them is the time it happens — between daylight and darkness when the brightness of daylight gradually turns into darkness. A trancelike moment encourages us to ponder on what we have been through and anticipate what will happen next.

A special emphasis is put on the many attributes of clay, a soft, moist and earthy material that is made from eroded rocks and soil — an original component of Mother Earth — with multiple properties that have played an integral part in human civilisati­on.

Soils through the centuries have been a source of raw material for ancient ceramic production. Historic artefacts have showcased how ceramics have become a great medium connecting our past and present.

The audience will also get to view the artists’ take on the end of the world, resulting from the collapse of civilisati­on, prophesied as the eventual destiny of mankind, largely of its own doing.

Their emphasis starts with the various manifestat­ions of faith to overcome evil, after which awareness is raised to reflect the impact of human selfishnes­s on nature. This is followed by ramificati­ons Western capitalism has had on us, which has largely contribute­d to more crises than solutions, further underscori­ng the warning signs of an apocalypti­c fate for mankind.

The group exhibition is a wake-up call to remind us what really matters most in life. While material goods are perishable, nature stands the test of time.

Virtual exhibition can be viewed at 333art. gallery/virtual-exhibition-the-messengert­hrough-the-twilights.

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