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Metasit Bunaikbuth (Ml3print)


Metasit used monoprint, a rare printmakin­g technique in Thailand, to create his collection. Unlike other techniques which can produce multiple original pieces, a monoprint artist can create only one original. Metasit said he is interested in monoprint because the technique is complicate­d and can be developed further.

“Many Thai artists say printmakin­g is a dying art form because it cannot be developed further, however, European artists have experiment­ed with new monoprint techniques. Most people think monoprint collection­s have several editions but that is not so. I wanted to create something new,” said Metasit.

The 22-year-old artist said each piece on display is the result of his experiment­s. While working on each, he figured out new techniques, took notes and analysed details.

“Even though there were mistakes in the experiment­s, I learned from them, so there was no failed experiment. I even came up with new techniques from the mistakes,” he said.

The artist expresses himself through 10 abstract pieces as he feels abstract artwork allows self-expression without limits and boundaries. The main forms in his collection are spherical.

“The spherical form symbolises the orbit of nature which is in constant swing. Although spherical forms are the main focus, other shapes such as triangles and squares are also included. Unlike my previous collection, I used new materials to create new textures. Each piece is unique with a different texture. Some of the materials include soil, gravel, sand, leaves and trash,” said Metasit.

“I worked on this collection for several months because monoprint is a technique that is not widely known. In order to educate viewers about monoprint, I had to work harder than other artists. This collection was challengin­g, but not difficult. I had fun since it was a new experience. I probably won’t use spherical forms in my next collection. It is like I have reached the highest peak of the mountain, so I need to look for a new mountain or a new challenge.”

Metasit has won several internatio­nal awards. He is most proud of the third prize he received at “The Second Internatio­nal Mini-Print Triennial Intaglio”, organised by White World Gallery in Ukraine.

“The Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky is one of my favourite artists and his paintings were the inspiratio­n for some of my pieces. He conveyed his childhood in his paintings although he was already old when he created them. My printmakin­g was a tribute to him, so when it won a prize, I was very proud,” said Metasit.

The artist hopes that his collection will inspire others.

“I am afraid Thailand’s printmakin­g industry will stagnate. I hope this exhibition will motivate printmakin­g artists to think outside the box and create new techniques,” said Metasit.


 ?? ?? Metasit Bunaikbuth (Ml3print).
Metasit Bunaikbuth (Ml3print).

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