Bangkok Post

Distortion dangers


Re: “Kids risk jab-induced illness,” (BP, Oct 6).

There is much concern these days about “fake news”, misinforma­tion, and misleading narratives. The Bangkok Post purports to be “the newspaper you can trust”. As such, editors would be welladvise­d to review their practices to guard against the onslaught of distortion­s. The headline for the captioned article is a classic case in point.

The article itself clearly points out that Multisyste­m Inflammato­ry Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) is extremely rare, having

been identified in only 0.02% of all cases of children infected with Covid-19 globally, and only a very small number in Thailand.

Yet, from the headline, readers could be misled into believing MIS-C to be a major risk. The headline would be far more accurate and serve the public immeasurab­ly better if it had read, “Kids face very little risk from jab-induced illness”.


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