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Vaccine U-turn


Re: “Times are a changin,” (PostBag, Oct 14).

Jason Jellison asks us to believe that the mischievou­s posts on the internet by Thai youth that the Pfizer vaccine is going to kill off a whole generation in a couple of years time is a pushback by young people who feel ignored and alienated (PostBag, 13 Oct). He agrees with PM Prayut that these claims are baseless.

Is this the same Jason Jellison who wrote quoting misleading stats. from notorious UK anti-vaxxer Rodney Atkinson less than a week ago (Oct 9) that equated increased vaccinatio­n rates with increases in Covid infections? It’s not difficult to see why young people would seize on the chance to have a bit of fun at everybody’s expense when they see how easily beat-ups such as Mr Jellison’s gain currency. RAY BAN

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