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Italy gets tough on workers: test or vaccinate


>>ROME: Italy on Friday set a new bar for major Western democracie­s seeking to move beyond the pandemic by enacting a sweeping law that requires the nation’s entire workforce — public and private — to have government-issued health passes, essentiall­y forcing Italians to choose between getting a pass and earning a living.

With the step, Italy, the first democracy to quarantine towns and apply national lockdowns, is again first across a new threshold, making clear that it is willing to use the full leverage of the state to try to curb the pandemic and get the economy moving.

Italy’s measures, which require proof of vaccinatio­n, a negative rapid swab test or recent recovery from Covid-19 to go to the workplace, now stand as some of the toughest among Western democracie­s, which have struggled to balance public health needs with civil liberty concerns.

For many Western government­s, that has resulted in refraining from national mandates while seeking other ways to encourage, coax and even mildly coerce people to get vaccinated.

Under Italy’s new rules, those who do not have a health certificat­e must take unpaid leave.

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