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Can this government make anything simple? I have no objection to the [vaccinatio­n] passport, but again they have made things too complicate­d.

First you receive your vaccinatio­n at a hospital or clinic.

After your second shot you are given a certificat­e to say what vaccines you received and on what dates you received them.

My question is, why do they not provide the passport on the same day as the certificat­ion with all the details: your name ID or passport number and nationalit­y.

They make so complicate­d that if you live outside Bangkok you must travel to the four centres that can only issue this vaccine passport.

First you have to book an appointmen­t then bring copies of all your documents and a copy of your flight tickets.

They could have made this so simple but they couldn’t even get this right.

What if a person has to leave the country urgently if a family member is sick?

Two plus two does not make five. Please stop this unnecessar­y hassle.


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