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Soi 55 (Thon­glor) / Sky­train: Thon­glor

LUXE City Guides - Bangkok - - Sukhumvit / Odd Sois -

Start at The 49 Ter­race for Lot­tie & Max (see Stand­out Stores); and La Bottega di Luca (see Rest./smart). Exit left up Soi 49 to find Villa su­per­mar­ket and Fix & More (see Very Use­ful), and fur­ther up go off the cuff at Duly / 02 662 6647 / / for fine men’s shirts and ties. Cross over and up for Big Knit Café at #88 for all things yarny, and opp. at Fur­ther up on your left, then carry on and hang a right at Sami­tivej Hos­pi­tal into Thon­glor Soi 13. First on your left is Cake­walk tea­room, and fur­ther, Mother Goose’s hand­painted furny and sprog­togs. Teeter on to find chic, ur­ban sta­tionery at Goose and a cou­ple of doors fur­ther Pasaya / 02 712 7825 / for silky bed­sheets and nap­kins. Parched or pecky? Con­tinue along to Seenspace mall for a coffee at airy Roast (see Lunch/brunch), or adopt a cake and a teddy at Mr. Jones’ Or­phan­age (see Coffee and Cake). Di­rectly op­po­site Seenspace is the back en­trance to J Ave mall, so zip through the carpark and head right to find sin­ful ices at Iberry; Sonie’s (see Rest./smart) on 2/F; and Take Care (see Spa) on 3/F. Exit J Ave out the front onto Thon­glor and head left up Thon­glor to find hip­ster bar Shades of Retro / 081 824 8011 / closed Mon / on Soi Tararom 2 (be­tween Sois 18 & 20) where ev­ery piece of vin­tage furny is for sale. / cont’d

Back on Thon­glor, grab a cab for a short skedad and keep an eye on the right for Geo at Quat­tro De­sign at 2/F / #912/3 / 02 381 4324 / for a natty sta­tionery and home­ware stash. Well, haven’t you done well! Fancy a nib­ble or swig? Of course you do. Cab it down Thon­glor to #264 Fat Gut’z (see Bars) and give your lalls a well-earned rest. Olympic shop­per!

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