LUXE City Guides - Bangkok

Fash n’ Schmutter


3/F – Greyhound Café: Modern Thai meets Italian. Senada: drifty, girlish vibes and styles. Seek out est. and emerging Thai designers, including funky Baking Soda (m/w); fash forward Fly Now III (w); and younger line III (w). Friday 27 November: bright safari-ethnic chic (m/w); ANR: sharp cuts (m); Theatre (m/w); Good Mixer: colourful Thai menswear; Greyhound Original: urban utilitaria­n (m/w); Painkiller: for the minimalist man; edgy Milin (w). Browse for the best upcoming local talent at The Selected creative multi-label concept store. Need some respite? Pop your bot down at Mr Jones’ Orphanage for cute cakes and a cuppa joe, or if you’re really hungry head up to 4/F for a slew of delicious choices including Food Republic.

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