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One skincare brand in­spired by space travel is c2 cal­i­for­nia clean, founded by Chris­tine Falsetti and Clarissa Shetler. Falsetti worked at NASA for al­most

20 years, lead­ing a team of engi­neers and sci­en­tists to pioneer net­work com­mu­ni­ca­tions for sci­en­tists.

“When I worked with the NASA Space Life Sciences, I be­came keenly aware of how the ef­fects of mi­cro­grav­ity seem to act as an age ac­cel­er­a­tor on our bod­ies. Ev­ery­thing from our bone den­sity to skin elas­tic­ity and re­pair is im­pacted when you go into space,” Falsetti says in an e-mail in­ter­view with Pres­tige.

Re­fer­ring to the Skincare re­search, she adds, “the re­sults val­i­dated the im­por­tance and ef­fects of skin hy­dra­tion as it re­lates to the im­prove­ment in the mois­ture re­ten­tion of the epi­der­mis and skin elas­tic­ity”.

These find­ings in­spired Shetler and Falsetti to start their skincare re­search in 2012 and later de­velop C2 Cal­i­for­nia Clean in 2016. The crux of the brand phi­los­o­phy: “A clin­i­cally clean, ef­fec­tive anti-age­ing skincare so­lu­tion line fo­cused on im­prov­ing skin hy­dra­tion and elas­tic­ity.” One made with lots of healthy, nat­u­ral, plant-based in­gre­di­ents too.

Says Shetler: “Our skin is the largest or­gan in our bod­ies and it’s such a com­plex or­gan with so many lay­ers. Whether we are on earth or in space, it’s our pro­tec­tive bar­rier and ar­mour as well as a gate into our bod­ies. What we put on our bod­ies and how we treat our skin will af­fect our health and over­all well­ness.”

One of her best­selling prod­ucts is the Ap­ple Stem Cell Re­gen­er­at­ing Serum, which helps to re­pair, nour­ish and re­ju­ve­nate skin, and tar­gets con­cerns from age­ing to sun­burn and even di­a­per rash. Its molec­u­lar struc­ture sup­pos­edly im­proves pen­e­tra­tion of prod­uct into skin lay­ers more quickly and ef­fec­tively so all the good stuff — think protein and phy­tonu­tri­ent-rich stem cells made from a rare Swiss ap­ple — goes well be­yond your skin’s sur­face.

Then there’s from Uk-based plas­tic sur­geon Yan­nis Alexan­drides. His lux­ury for­mu­las use the NAC Y2 mol­e­cule, which was created by for­mer space pro­gramme sci­en­tists who helped treat sun dam­age among as­tro­nauts.

This space as­so­ci­a­tion is ap­par­ent in the way 111Skin prod­ucts have been named: Ce­les­tial Black Di­a­mond Emul­sion, Space Anti Age Day Cream NAC Y2, Space Aqua Booster, Lift Off Ex­fo­li­at­ing Cleanser NAC Y2 and Daily Or­bit En­er­gis­ing Essence NAC Y2. The orig­i­nal star, how­ever, is Y The­o­rem Re­pair Serum, which seeks to boost col­la­gen pro­duc­tion, sup­port cell re­gen­er­a­tion and im­prove skin elas­tic­ity. There’s also a new Y The­o­rem Re­pair Light Serum, which caters to those who strug­gle with oily skin and hu­mid cli­mates.

Also made for oily skin types is kiehl’s Oil Elim­i­na­tor 24-Hour Anti-shine Mois­tur­izer for Men — with its own space age tech­nol­ogy back­story. To mat­tify shiny faces, the Kiehl’s team looked to Aero­lite Tech­nol­ogy, an ad­vanced ma­te­rial used in space ex­plo­ration. Aero­lite Tech­nol­ogy is based on aero­gel, some­times known as “frozen smoke”. Used as the in­su­lat­ing ma­te­rial on the Mars rover, it kept the ve­hi­cle from freez­ing and break­ing down. It is also the light­est solid ma­te­rial around — only three times the den­sity of air, less than a pound of it, how­ever, can sup­port weight of half a ton.

That’s why Kiehl’s Oil Elim­i­na­tor 24-Hour Anti-shine Mois­tur­izer for Men feels nearly weight­less (it’s as if you didn’t ap­ply any­thing) but ac­tu­ally ab­sorbs four times its weight in oil, which is what greasy skin needs. It’s the kind of rocket sci­ence we earth­lings can eas­ily grasp.

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