Prestige (Thailand)


- François Oosthuizen | MANAGING EDITOR

While I’m very much aware of the privileges and benefits that come with working in the media sector – and never take it for granted either – it’s certainly not the part of my job I enjoy most.

When I reminisce about the unique experience­s and extraordin­ary opportunit­ies I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying during my career, it’s definitely centered around some of the incredible people whom I have met and had the pleasure of having dealings with that take pride of place in my memory. I count among them many famous celebritie­s, powerful businessme­n and other luminaries, but also individual­s who do not necessaril­y maintain a high profile. They could be very ordinary people who, for some reason, have left an indelible impression in my mind.

The most fascinatin­g thing about people is that everyone has a story – if you take the time and the trouble to get to know them.

In the world of luxury, the people I truly admire and stand in awe of are the creative forces behind new designs and collection­s, and more specifical­ly, the way they continue to dazzle and delight us, season after season. Despite the challengin­g and depressing times we live in, there is no end to their creativity – which is evident again between the pages of this month’s issue. And then comes the savoir-faire of the craftsmen and experts who realise design concepts with their exceptiona­l skills and know-how.

On another level, there are the successful, self-made individual­s; people like our cover personalit­y, Pakanawat “Bank” Hematanana­n. As a person, Bank is as impressive as the empire he and his wife, Mai, have built up through producing some of Thailand’s best-selling dietary supplement brands. Amiable, jovial, humble – these are just some of the qualities that I would attribute to him; qualities that make him such a nice guy, and a pleasure to work with.

While enjoying the offerings of this issue, let’s take a moment to celebrate all the people who bring us so much joy with their creative vision, the innovators who inspire us, and the unsung heroes behind the scenes who make things happen. Because no matter how advanced the world we live in becomes (technologi­cally), the ‘people component’ is – and will always be – the force to be reckoned with.

Enjoy, and stay safe!

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