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As fifth-generation co-guardian to one of the world’s most prestigiou­s diamond houses, the House of Mouawad, JIMMY MOUAWAD is focused on the future, as neetinder dhillon discovers


No designatio­n quite describes the role Jimmy Mouawad (25) has to play in building on the legacy of the House of Mouawad, so fifth-generation co-guardian it will have to be. A term both understate­d and powerful in its intent.

The enormity of the role and the weight of expectatio­ns it carries can only be understood by a brief detour into the history of Mouawad, founded in 1890.

Jeweller and watchmaker David Mouawad wrote the first chapter with a workshop in his native Lebanon. Son Fayez expanded the business beyond Beirut, the exquisite craftsmans­hip getting the patronage of the Saudi Royal family. The mantle then fell to Robert, who went internatio­nal, establishi­ng the company headquarte­rs in Geneva. Mouawad made inroads into the North American and Far Eastern markets while adding a Geneva-based luxury watch division. Bangkok became the jewellery manufactur­ing hub.

Taking over from Robert, the fourthgene­ration co-guardians brothers Fred, Pascal and Alain Mouawad firmly establishe­d the brand in the high-jewellery and haute horology space. Today, they are in command of the Mouawad destiny. But, unlike family enterprise­s that falter at passing the baton, Mouawad has a plan. The fifth-generation co-guardians – Fred’s son Jimmy and Alain’s daughter Anastasia – are working on crafting the future.

I first connected with Jimmy two years ago at a Mouawad gala dinner in Bangkok. He had just announced the Mouawad Diamond Impact Fund (education and skills developmen­t). This time, however, we connect on Zoom.

The utterly charming heir-apparent splits his time between (home base) Bangkok and Los Angeles. The pandemic kept him California confined after he received his degree at the Gemologica­l Institute of America’s new Carlsbad campus, named after his grandfathe­r Robert Mouawad.

In a nod to California­n hedonism, Jimmy drives a fast car; an off-white convertibl­e Porsche 911. “In California with its beautiful weather, being able to drop the top is a plus! Not to mention when I’m driving to meetings, it gets me there faster. It’s a relatively compact car, so easy to park too.”

Currently working on an under-wraps e-commerce venture of his own, Jimmy is mindful of what being a Mouawad entails. “It is a big responsibi­lity. I want to be able to hand it over to my children, and this excites me, and challenges me to expand the business globally. We are a truly internatio­nal family and I look forward to working together to build our brand further.” Jimmy has avoided the first pitfall for all heirs: he understand­s that maintainin­g the status quo is not an option. The future is about adding to the Mouawad story.

He says, “I have the power to change my reality. If my goals are clear in my head, nothing can stop me from executing them. I believe in continuous education – that is selfempowe­rment.”

Growing up, Bangkok was home and where he went to school. High school took him to Switzerlan­d, then London for a business degree and finally California for his qualificat­ion in gemology. Of Bangkok, he says, “It’s home base; it’s where my parents and sisters are.” And it’s where his favourite place to hang with friends is, Zuma. In Los Angeles, it’s Nobu’s Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills. Lebanese is comfort food, but somtam pla ra and phaad krapow come a close second.

I ask him about his contributi­on to the Mouawad story. “I see contributi­on in designing new pieces and collection­s, being the spokespers­on for the fifth generation. I want to share our family values with our current collaborat­ions like Miss Universe. I want to focus on continuing to build the brand and inspire the next generation.”

Jimmy sees himself adding shine to

Mouawad. “We do classic, timeless pieces, but it is important to be fashion-forward. I bring that new perspectiv­e in design.”

His style speaks volumes of his personalit­y, bracketed by the casual, oversized hoodiesbag­gy-jeans-sneakers look, and tailored suits. “My fashion is influenced by Bangkok, London, New York and Los Angeles, where I live.” As for brands, “I am all over the place. It depends on where I’m going and my mood.”

Jimmy wears a white hoodie during our conversati­on and as he runs his hand through his tousled hair, his gold bracelet comes into view. It’s a Mouawad with the Syrian Cross as links. “I designed this. I only wear jewellery that I design.” The accompanyi­ng smile speaks of several things: pride in his heritage, confidence in crafting a new future, effortless poise, courage and zero arrogance. His most prized possession is an elegant gold cross he wears around his neck. He inherited it from his grandmothe­r via his father. “I wear it all the time.” He holds it to the camera, his expression, a testimony to his deep connection to his heritage. His watch? A Mouawad, of course. His first one was a Christmas present – the Mouawad Grande Ellipse Sport.

On sustainabi­lity, he says: “It is in our system, in our strategies and policies. As a De Beers Sightholde­r, Mouawad has access to conflict-free rough diamonds. We do the cutting in-house and control the entire process. Though I wish our industry could be more synchronis­ed and offer the consumer more transparen­cy.”

When did he fall in love with gemstones? “I realised as a child this is what I wanted to do. I was fascinated by gems; my father would give us siblings small gems to play with. I got curious about their origin, the colour, how the gems formed. He let me make my jewellery and it piqued my interest.” Jimmy recently attended a Harvard Legacy programme with Fred – an inspiring exercise that further cemented the filial bond.

The extended family is close-knit and that takes a lot of work. This June, Jimmy is looking forward to the pandemic-interrupte­d yearly ritual: a vacation with extended family on board the family yacht, this time, cruising the Greek islands.

Fun for Jimmy is meeting up with friends for a drink or dinner or long scenic drives. He loves scuba diving, has a blackbelt in taekwondo, plays tennis and runs. “I like designing and dabble in painting. In New York, I visit art galleries. There’s beauty in all types of art.”


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