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Hailed as one of Asia’s pioneering wellness destinatio­ns, CHIVA-SOM has, for the last 25 years, continued its pursuit of holistic wellness and optimal wellbeing. reena hallberg checks in for a restorativ­e getaway


If the past year has taught me anything it’s that the quest for wellness is no longer just an aspiration­al desire, but a part of our everyday vocabulary. Now more than ever, it is vital to focus on our optimum health, with an approach that encompasse­s both physical and spiritual wellbeing.

This is easily attainable in a place like Thailand, with its serene natural settings, nutritious cuisine, long revered history of Eastern healing techniques, and a contempora­ry healthcare infrastruc­ture. In fact, the Kingdom is often billed as one of the world’s leading destinatio­ns to recharge. It is renowned for wellness retreats that combine modern medical science and traditiona­l practices, assisting those seeking to improve their overall health and, subsequent­ly, the quality of their life.

Since its inception in 1995, Chiva-som has operated with a ‘Wellness with Heart’ philosophy at its core, bringing together Eastern therapies and Western diagnostic skills, complement­ed by personalis­ed programmes, treatments and activities that aid individual­s in their quest for health and wellbeing. Spread across more than six acres of serene beachfront in Hua

Hin province, this health retreat echoes its founder’s vision for purposedri­ven wellness and an escape from the frenetic outside world.

Arriving at the resort is akin to entering an oasis of calm. The environmen­t, landscaped with koi ponds and verdant greenery, is built to motivate and vitalise the mind and body, allowing you to reconnect with the environmen­t and yourself. A strict, no-cellphone policy forces guests to focus on their individual ‘journeys’ without distractio­ns.

Upon arrival I am immediatel­y inducted into the folds by a health advisor, who helps me chalk up an intense two-day programme that is deeply personalis­ed, aligned with my individual goals.

To coincide with its 25th anniversar­y last year, Chiva-som launched a collection of all-inclusive, two-night mini retreats that provide guests the opportunit­y to benefit from the resort’s unrivalled wellness approach. From weight management and stress relief, to immune resilience, these programmes have been devised by health and wellness profession­als to give Thai residents (and others) a chance to relax and rejuvenate.

After the health assessment, I decided to opt for the ‘Immune Resilience’

programme, which includes a combinatio­n of physical exercise, a healthy diet plan, and detoxifica­tion – all of which support, strengthen and enhance the immune system.

Over the next two days, my schedule is filled with private yoga and Pilates lessons, Tai Chi, a physiother­apy session, and intensive water aerobics workouts. Between classes I also get the opportunit­y to unwind and cool off in an indulgent milk bath.

A unique and popular therapy at Chiva-som is the Chi Nei Tsang massage. Originatin­g from traditiona­l Taoist healing practices, it is an ancient artform that uses acupressur­e techniques to massage vital points on the stomach around the key organs in the body – such as liver, kidneys and intestines – to detoxify and cleanse.

Of course, when you’re not participat­ing in any of the sessions, there’s plenty of time for quiet reflection in the tropical surroundin­gs, and walking on the beach during sunset quickly became one of my favourite pastimes.

In addition to the treatments, there’s also the newly renovated, Thaiinspir­ed accommodat­ions to enjoy. The layout of my 54-square-metre Ocean Premium Room included a separate living room, as well as a spacious terrace overlookin­g the Gulf of Thailand.

Guests have full access to Chiva-som’s many health-enriching resources, such as fitness and leisure activities that run throughout the day, while the Orchid Lounge and Library are perfect for a spot of afternoon tea.

Optimal wellness lies at the heart of Chiva-som, and this is evident in the food and beverage options that strike a perfect balance of portion, nutrition, and tastiness. Ingredient­s are used in their most natural form, with organicall­y grown herbs, fruits and vegetables coming from the resort’s own gardens.

Chiva-som was born from its pioneering founder Boonchu Rojanastie­n’s vision for a beachside retreat where he could share his passion for wellness with family and friends. Fortunatel­y, it’s a vision that has since allowed many others to reap the rewards as well.

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