Prestige (Thailand)

Emerald of the Andaman

The recently opened BANYAN TREE KRABI brings a whole new level of luxury to this picturesqu­e southern province. reena hallberg checks in for a closer look


Krabi’s spectacula­r natural landscape – which most famously includes pristine white sand beaches and picturesqu­e limestone karsts rising from turquoise ocean waters – as well as its famed southern Thai culinary culture, are just two of the reasons why travellers keep returning to this region of southern Thailand. Whether you’re seeking an adventurou­s holiday with a group of friends, or just pure relaxation in a luxurious villa with your loved ones, this tropical paradise offers something for everyone, even the most discerning. And with the recent opening of Banyan Tree Krabi, we’ve been given yet another reason to visit the ‘Emerald of the Andaman’.

This 72-key beachfront property has been welcoming guests since October last year, and is the first five-stars resort to open in the province in over a decade. It’s an ultra-luxury oasis fanning across 10 acres, teeming with lush natural reserves – including protected national and marine parks – and the towering mountainsc­apes of Hang Naga and Ngon Naga.

Nature and architectu­re closely intertwine at Banyan Tree Krabi, and these characteri­stics most beautifull­y converge in the grand lobby, where an infinity pool cascades as a waterfall into the level below – mimicking the water that flows down from the mountains. The elevated, open-plan layout forms a natural frame for the breathtaki­ng limestone karsts in the distance, resulting in a “wow” moment every time one arrives here.

Banyan Tree Krabi provides a sense of place that conveys an authentic narrative about its location, which is woven into the very fabric and design of the resort. Architectu­ral elements take inspiratio­n from the Naga, the historical legend of the Serpent King who was said to inhibit these areas.

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