Prestige (Thailand)



Marvel at the gorgeous forms of the Corail table by Roche Bobois, a feat of design engineerin­g using 3D-printing technology for an utterly unique and customisab­le table base and a glass top. The innovative concept means that the consumer gets to use software (at home or in-store) to create their object’s size, shape and weave effect, and then view their design in real time, thus completely resetting the brand and client dynamic. The 3D “genetic code” for each customer’s table base is fed into a giant printer dispensing ribbons of ultra-high-performanc­e concrete that hardens once layered. Combining high tech with high consciousn­ess, the process allows for less transporta­tion of materials and smoother manufactur­ing, while the fluid shapes and blissful contours of this model conjure images of nature: coral reefs, fungi growing from trees, or giant shells.

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