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Based out of Austria, Pro-ject Audio Systems is known for producing top-end audiophile equipment, and the release of their simple yet elegant Pro-ject Debut Carbon Evo turntable definitely targets discerning vinyl purists. Powering the belt-driven deck is a specially regulated motor – reengineer­ed to be as quiet as possible – that has an ultra-high-precision chip to make sure it’s always running at the perfect speed. As for the nearly four pound metal platter, it comes equipped with a special thermoplas­tic elastomer ring to reduce vibrations. Finally, there’s the magnificen­t carbon fibre tonearm, which has been finely crafted to deliver nearperfec­t playback. It’s the closest thing to having your favourite artist performing right there in front of you. For the style-conscious, the Carbon Evo comes in a variety of eye-catching finishes, including navy blue, red, satin-gold, non-reflective black, and wood-grain veneer.

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