Prestige (Thailand)



The new Turbo Como SL 5.0 e-bike, from the acclaimed US bicycle brand Specialize­d, offers the best combinatio­n of power, range, and usability. The SL in the name stands for “super light”, but it’s still able to carry twice its weight in cargo, making it a perfect errand bike for zipping around town (and beyond). The revolution­ary eight-speed Alfine internal gear hub and Gates belt drive system protects the gears from weather and road grime. The 320Wh battery is securely hidden in the downtube, making it almost indistingu­ishable from a regular bike upon first glance, and with the optional Range Extender you can ride almost 150 km without needing a recharge. Other features include: TRP Flow Set hydraulic disc brakes; durable 650b wheels paired with Nimbus 2.3 tires to smooth out rough roads; battery-powered integrated lights; and Drytech fenders for cycling in inclement weather.

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