The choice fac­ing US vot­ers is a sim­ple one

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If US cit­i­zens are happy with their first- ever openly crim­i­nal pres­i­dent, who gained power through con­spir­ing with Rus­sia and the ef­forts of Repub­li­can state leg­is­la­tors to ger­ry­man­der vot­ing dis­tricts and re­duce Demo­cratic rep­re­sen­ta­tion, there is no need to vote.

If you are pleased that this pres­i­dent has placed a fel­low sex crim­i­nal on the Supreme Court, don’t vote.

If you think that it is good that the craven Repub­li­cans, led by Mitch McCon­nell in the Se­nate and Paul Ryan in the House, de­stroyed Amer­ica’s sys­tem of checks and bal­ances, ab­so­lutely re­fused to act as a guard against abuses by the ex­ec­u­tive branch, and in­stead ac­tively and openly con­spired with it, then don’t vote.

If you think the Repub­li­cans know bet­ter and that Amer­ica’s democ­racy, also one of the prin­ci­pal mod­els for the en­tire world, should be erad­i­cated and re­placed by a one-party dic­ta­tor­ship, don’t vote.

If you can be bought off by a tax cut that gives you hun­dreds of dollars while your wealthy bet­ters get mil­lions, and also not recog­nise that at the same time they have ma­nip­u­lated the oil price such that you are los­ing your en­tire an­nual tax sav­ings to higher gaso­line prices ev­ery month or two, don’t vote.

If you are brain­washed by Fox News and be­lieve and do what you are told and are happy as a de­luded id­iot, then don’t vote.

But, if you are proud to be Amer­i­can, and un­der­stand that our coun­try will pe­ri­od­i­cally be as­saulted by tyrants, and that when this hap­pens it is up to you to act as democ­racy’s fi­nal check, to sweep the tyrants into the dust­bin of his­tory, then vote, and protest, and take di­rect ac­tion. Roland Wat­son

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