Given fac­tory farm­ing, an­i­mal abuse ram­pant

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I’d like to know Robin Grant’s mo­ti­va­tion. It’s one thing to dis­agree with the an­i­mal-rights phi­los­o­phy and it’s an­other to launch end­less tirades against Peta.

Years ago I read a let­ter in the Washington Times by some­one from Putting Peo­ple First (PPF), claim­ing that Peta wanted to take peo­ple’s pets away and re­turn them to the wild. Years later, Robin Grant re­peated this in let­ters to this news­pa­per. No mat­ter how many times I cor­rected him, he ei­ther de­nied writ­ing it or re­phrased his ear­lier com­ments in ways that were no more hon­est than his orig­i­nal ones.

Re­cently Grant wrote that farm an­i­mal abuses are ex­tremely rare. Yet he is fully aware that fac­tory farm­ing – the cru­ellest method of rais­ing an­i­mals – in­volves bil­lions of an­i­mals. Just a few years ago the US re­ported that 700,000 chick­ens in Amer­ica are boiled alive ev­ery year. Grant ought to know he’s ly­ing when he claims these abuses are “iso­lated” cases.

A favourite tac­tic of an­i­mal abusers is to cre­ate a rift be­tween mod­er­ate an­i­mal rights groups and Peta, in or­der to weaken Peta. And sure enough Grant had the au­dac­ity to claim he sup­ports Bri­tain’s Royal So­ci­ety for the Pre­ven­tion of Cru­elty to An­i­mals be­cause it is mod­er­ate. No one who con­demns those who fought for ban­ning fox hunt­ing could pos­si­bly sup­port the RSPCA!

Eric Bahrt

Chi­ang Mai

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