Lose your tem­per, lose your ar­gu­ment

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Re: “Save Thai chil­dren from the LGBT sharia”, Have Your Say, De­cem­ber 3

The sup­pu­rat­ing sore that is Nigel Pike’s raw nerve is ex­posed by me again, I note. I read his lat­est ill-tem­pered of­fer­ing while tuck­ing into a juicy ba­con, sausage and let­tuce sarnie. In­deed, Pike’s ex­pected empty blus­ter is ex­traor­di­nar­ily in­fan­tile, by any mea­sure.

More to the point, Pike is by now quite adept at apol­o­gis­ing for his typ­i­cally loose use of emo­tive and of­ten­times vol­canic lan­guage, while si­mul­ta­ne­ously ex­cus­ing his ex­trem­ist views that con­tin­u­ally flip the bone at our hard-won democ­racy.

Here’s the lat­est ex­am­ple of Pike’s for­mu­laic ex­cusatory: “Not ev­ery North Korean is a Kim Jongun; not ev­ery LGBT-er is a tyrant. It’s the ide­ol­ogy and the en­force­ment thereof that is the prob­lem.” Does this “en­force­ment” in­clude be­head­ing, stran­gling, poi­son­ing, dis­mem­ber­ing and in­car­cer­at­ing? Pa­thetic, in­ap­pro­pri­ate and way too late.

Sug­ges­tion: If you want to pick an­other fight with cer­tain classes of peo­ple who aren’t here to de­fend them­selves, mod­er­ate your lan­guage to a suit­able level. You might get a mod­icum of sym­pa­thy for your views by less-in­tem­per­ate members of your Onanis­tic Ten­dency.

How­ever, con­flat­ing the likes of Kim, MBS and so on with the LGBT com­mu­nity is par for the course with Pike. Wed­nes­day’s apoplec­tic out­burst by him is only to be ex­pected. His “rea­soned ex­po­sure” would be laugh­able, were the topic un­der con­sid­er­a­tion not so ob­scenely por­trayed by this in­tol­er­ant zealot.

At this junc­ture, the best piece of ad­vice I can give to the se­ri­ally erupt­ing Nigel is calm down – you lose your tem­per, you lose the ar­gu­ment again.

Dr Frank

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