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COVID delays trial of Bangla shooter cop

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Witness testimonie­s in the trial of Pornthep Channarong, the corporal with the Phuket Provincial Police who was drunk off-duty when he shot 25-year-old noodle vendor Aroon Thongplab in the stomach on Bangla Rd in Patong in February, has been deferred.

The deferment follows the first court session of the trial starting on Aug 23. Pornthep has been charged with attempted murder, carrying a firearm in a public area without necessary reason, and firing a weapon in a public area.

An officer at Phuket Provincial Court told Kulthida Chananan, Mr Aroon¶s wife, that the reason given for the deferment was the current COVID-19 situation in Phuket.

The lawyer representi­ng Pornthep said that it was not convenient for witnesses to come to the court to give their testimonie­s on that day, Ms Kulthida told

on Sept 8.

Asked whether Pornthep was still in remand, Ms Kulthida said “I think he¶s still in prison and has not been released on bail.”

“We had a court appointmen­t to hear witness testimonie­s and examine evidence on August 23, but the lawyer of the policeman >Pornthep@ filed a reTuest to postpone the testimonie­s. No one informed me before that day,” Ms Kulthida said.

“On that day, I went to the court to be told that the testimony was postponed. Luckily, Lawyer Kerdphol did not come to Phuket on that day,” she said.

Bangkok-based lawyer Kerdphol Kaewkerd, popular for taking up cases of gross inMustice to protect the rights of those unable to afford legal representa­tion, has volunteere­d to represent Mr Aroon and Ms Kulthida in court, with assistance from lawyer Phakin Jantira, based in Phuket Town.

“Today, I am still waiting for a letter from the court about what date the testimony will be,” Ms Kulthida told

Her husband, Mr Aroon, left paralysed from the waist down after the bullet fired by Pornthep hit his spine, is well, but still recovering from recent surgery to clear an obstructed intestine, Ms Kulthida said.

“His condition is still stable. He went through surgery on his intestines in hospital last month and was Must discharged last week,” she said.

“Doctors told me that because he cannot make any movements like us, his organs in digestive system do not work well, leading to the intestinal obstructio­n,” she explained.

“Doctors had to cut about 45cm of his intestines out and left a big scar on his stomach. Right now, he needs to lay down all the time. He cannot sit up. We need to raise up the bed, so that we can give him food,” Ms Kulthida added.

“He had to stop physical therapy after being discharged from the hospital. For his lower parts are still the same. He is still unable to walk and feel anything from his waist down,” she said.

“He can speak, but not like normal people because he still has a tube and hole on his neck,” she added.

Ms Kulthida expressed her thanks to all the people who have provided support for her and Mr Aroon, helping them with medical bills and getting by without any income while raising two young children.

“I received money donated from expats on the island, and I have spent that money on buying a patient bed and air mattress for Aroon,” she said, noting the valuable contributi­on that has made in caring for her husband.

Ms Kulthida offered

to talk with Mr


Asked how he was feeling at the time, he said shortly, “I feel a little bit better, but I feel exhausted.”

 ?? Photo: Eakkapop Thongtub / file ?? Mr Aroon in this picture taken in June is seen enjoying being with his now 9-month-old son.
Photo: Eakkapop Thongtub / file Mr Aroon in this picture taken in June is seen enjoying being with his now 9-month-old son.

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