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Jabs crucial for on-site education to re-open


Schools will resume on-site learning in November, provided that sufficient vaccines are made available for students next month, the Education Ministry has said.

Education Minister Treenuch Thienthong said on Monday (Sept 13) the decision to re-open on-site classrooms in November came from lessons learned from conducting online and on-air studies during the pandemic.

Ms Treenuch said the ministry consulted with the public health and the interior ministries before setting the Nov 1 target for school re-opening. However, a return to class depends on the vaccine rollout, said Ms Treenuch who added that Pfizer vaccine jabs will be offered next month to students aged 12-17.

The Pfizer vaccine will be offered to 4.5 million students generally from Mathayom 4-6 (grades 10 to 12). The jabs will also be offered to those studying in PorWorChor (vocational certificat­e) and PorWorSor

(high vocational certificat­e) programmes at vocational institutes, which are both state and privately run.

Also eligible for the vaccine are students enrolled in religious, science and border police schools and educationa­l establishm­ents not run by the Education Ministry.

Students 18 years and older will also be eligible for vaccinatio­n.

The Education Ministry said the inoculatio­ns will be provided only if parents give their consent and Ms Treenuch said the goal was to roll out the first doses to students within the next month.

The jabs will be distribute­d first to students in the darkred zones hardest hit by the pandemic, including Bangkok. Altogether there are 15,465 schools and educationa­l institutes in the 29 dark-red zone provinces.

“Vaccinatio­n will need to proceed quickly,” the education minister said.

“The Public Health Ministry will map out a vaccinatio­n plan while the Education Ministry will pass informatio­n about the necessity and possible side effects of the inoculatio­n to parents.”

Familiaris­ing parents about young people and immunisati­on will hopefully convince them to sign their children up for vaccinatio­n. Consent forms will be offered to parents which should be returned before the end of this month, Ms Treenuch said.

“We will be living with COVID-19 and it must be done in a way that does not cause further chaos to our students’ education,” she said.

However, the minister admitted not all schools will be ready for on-site re-opening come the targeted date of Nov 1. The resumption of classes must take into considerat­ion the readiness of schools, parents and the infection situation in communitie­s.

Amporn Pinasa, secretaryg­eneral of the Office of the Basic Education Commission, said unvaccinat­ed students can attend on-site classes although they will be subject to a more rigorous health screening process than vaccinated students.

So far, 70% of teachers nationwide have received a vaccine jab. All employees at schools will also be vaccinated, said officials.

 ?? Photo: Bangkok Post ?? The Education Ministry has set Nov 1 as the target date for schools to reopen.
Photo: Bangkok Post The Education Ministry has set Nov 1 as the target date for schools to reopen.

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