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April 1, 1979

Iran becomes an Islamic republic by a 99% vote, officially overthrowi­ng the Shah.

April 2, 1976

Prince Norodom Sihanouk resigns as leader of Cambodia and is placed under house arrest.

April 3, 1883

Jack The Ripper: The first of 11 unsolved brutal murders of women committed in or near the impoverish­ed Whitechape­l district in the East End of London occurs.

April 4, 1975

Microsoft is founded as a partnershi­p between Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerqu­e, New Mexico, to develop and sell BASIC interprete­rs for the Altair 8800.

April 5, 1242

During the Battle on the Ice of Lake Peipus, Russian forces, led by Alexander Nevsky, rebuff an invasion attempt by the Teutonic Knights.

April 6, 1974

Swedish pop band ABBA wins the Eurovision Song Contest held at The Dome in Brighton, UK, giving Sweden its first triumph in the contest with the song “Waterloo”, and launching the band’s historic internatio­nal career.

April 7, 1933

Prohibitio­n in the United States is repealed for beer of no more than 3.2% alcohol by weight, eight months before the ratificati­on of the XXI amendment. (Now celebrated as National Beer Day in the United States.)

 ?? Photo: Microsoft Press Gallery ?? Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1981.
Photo: Microsoft Press Gallery Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1981.
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