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The Austria-based education technologi­es unicorn GoStudent, with a valuation of EUR 3bn, aims to teach half of the 18 million students in Turkey by 2025, according to Felix Ohswald, CEO of GoStudent. “85% of families with children aged 5-18 consider hiring a tutor or work with a tutor, according to our survey results. We are strengthen­ing our position in the country so that we can find the most ideal teacher for each child and offer affordable and high-quality education,” said Ohswald. The unicorn plans to kick off group lessons soon. GoStudent, which entered the country a year ago, offers preschool education and one-to-one video-based education opportunit­ies for primary and secondary education students. The unicorn, which grew by 750% in a year, aims to raise the number of teachers from approximat­ely 1,000 to 2,000 and the number of monthly lessons from 115,000 to 200,000 in 2022. NECLA DALAN

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