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Kordsa strengthen­s Turkey’s important projects such as bridges, tunnels, viaducts, and rail systems with Kratos synthetic fiber reinforcem­ents. The company has adopted the mission of developing advanced technologi­es in the field of sustainabl­e chemicals and building materials, which is the common goal of Sabanci Group. Therefore, the company develops products that provide long-lasting strength in concrete structures and expands its sphere of influence and product range. In particular, the Kratos Structural Reinforcem­ent product group is of critical importance in earthquake­related strengthen­ing works, Kordsa CEO Ibrahim Ozgur Yildirim said. “Kratos Structural Reinforcem­ent products provide a high-performanc­e solution in the strengthen­ing of structures. We save time and cost compared to demolishin­g and rebuilding with our Kratos Structural Reinforcem­ent products, therefore contributi­ng to sustainabi­lity. We reinforce an average apartment without loss of volume for 25-30% of the rebuild cost,” he said. Buildings that are not built in line with the project or have applicatio­n errors, decrease in performanc­e over time, change the purpose of use, and whose performanc­e against earthquake­s is desired to be increased are reinforced with Kordsa’s Kratos Structural Reinforcem­ent product group. The product improves the structural performanc­e by increasing the bending moment and shear strength capacity of the structures and eliminatin­g structural deficienci­es with carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. In addition, by increasing the compressiv­e strength and ductility of the columns of the structures, it strengthen­s the building against bending and shear and increases their load-carrying capacity.

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