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Turkey should cooperate with Taiwan for EVs


supply chains experience an important THE GLOBAL change and they desire to be in Turkey strategica­lly in the new world, according to Felix Chiu, Executive Vice President of the Taiwan External Trade Developmen­t Council (TAITRA). Chiu, who visited Turkey with a commercial delegation consisting of representa­tives of institutio­ns and companies representi­ng Taiwanese flagship sectors, told daily EKONOMI that many sectors shift their choice from China to other regions with a new restructur­ing observed in the world. “We saw in our research that Turkey stands out, especially as a regional production base with its location linking the Middle East with European countries,” Chiu said. “Taiwanese firms, which produce in China, desire to go to every corner of the globe such as Mexico, South Asia, the Middle East, and the West. In this sense, Turkey will have a very important role and contributi­on,” he added.

Felix Chiu stated that the bilateral trade between Turkey and Taiwan is carried out with machinery and electrical appliances traditiona­lly, but smart technologi­es have started to come to the fore in the changing world. “That’s why smart cities and smart cars are very popular. Taiwan is very competitiv­e in these sectors in which the semi-conductır technology becomes prominent,” Chiu noted. “Turkey also wants to develop in the smart industries such as AI (Artificial Intelligen­ce), and it should cooperate with Taiwan, which receives a demand from the world as one of the leading countries in these fields,” Chiu highlighte­d.


Touching on the Taiwan Tech Day 2023, which was held in Istanbul on May 25 with the attendance of a commercial delegation, Chiu said everything will be related to AI in the future. “EVs, which are at the center of the event, will be among these fields and their developmen­t depends on semi-conductors,” the TAITRA Executive President noted. “The Taiwan-based companies, which have had a key role in the EV industry, may contribute to EV production in Turkey.”

Top representa­tives from Foxconn, Master Transporta­tion, Zerova Technologi­es, Advantech, Chunghua Telecom, Merit Lilin, and Taichung Veterans General Hospital, the leading corporatio­ns in the EV and smart city industries, visited Turkey within the scope of the Taiwan Tech Day 2023 hosted by TAITRA and The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) of Taiwan. They held collaborat­ion talks with the leading Turkish companies in their sectors.

“Bilateral trade is low compared to Turkey and Taiwan’s GDP”

Taipei Economic and Cultural Mission Representa­tive Volkan Chih-Yang Huang emphasized rising bilateral foreign trade in his speech at the Taiwan Tech Day 2023, where Taiwan Economic and Cultural Mission Economic Division Director Charles Tseng, Taiwan Trade Center Istanbul Director Tony Fan, (DEIK) Turkey-Taiwan Business Council Chairman Necmettin Uzun and Presidenti­al Investment Office Vice President Furkan Karayaka attended. Stressing that the total goods and services trade volume rose by 11.49% to nearly USD 2bn last year between Turkey and Taiwan, Huang said machinery, vehicles, and auto parts are Important Items. “The volume Is quite high considerin­g re-export and extreport trade through China. However, our trade is really low and needs to be encouraged on a large scale, as both countries are large economies with a GDP of around USD 850bn.”

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