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Organized for the promotion of the artichoke, one of the symbolic products of the Urla Peninsula and of great importance to local culinary delights and gastronomy tourism, the 6th Urla Internatio­nal Artichoke Festival will be hosting its guests this year on April 17-19. At the festival master chefs of world cuisine interpret the artichoke in according to their culinary culture and present it to the appreciati­on of the visitors, who will be introduced to various culinary delights prepared with artichoke ranging from gyro to sushi, mussels to “börek,” desserts to stuffed variations. The Urla Internatio­nal Artichoke Festival, a winner of the Shining Star Awards 2016 in the best festival category, has made a great contributi­on to the economy of the area by doubling the artichoke production in Urla since 2015, the festival’s first year. Those passing by Urla will have the chance to learn and taste dishes of various flavors at this event that lasts three days.

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