architecture of drawing and drawing as architectural motivation

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Funda Tan, Nurbin Paker | As the media of architecture to deliver design information alters throughout the epochs, the definition of architecture and the social status of the architect figure also changes. While drawings were not preferred or required to maintain construction before Renaissance, with the changing world view and technological advancements at this time, new modes of drawings such as linear perspective and orthographic projection as designators of the design and form of buildings, enters to the realm of architecture. The use of drawings changes architecture profoundly. They also become the main media of architects. In time drawings cause a separation between architect and construction site, along with it, symbolic meaning is eroded from the form of the buildings. However, later drawings are also used as the new media of the searches for a new meaning for architecture. In consequence, this text aim to discuss the effect and place of drawings in architecture and discover new aspects on architecture.

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