diagram: from harmonography to the postliminal

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Levent Şentürk | Harmonographs, devices of the late-nineteenth century are obscure for us architects today. Harmonography could be baptized as a kind of zero degree of the diagram era, considering that they are half scientific (physics and pendulums), half musical (harmonics) outcomes and do not contain a faint of the subjectivity of the designer. On the other hand, the potential to disharmonize harmonography within the architectural studio experimentation, is not a negligible one. Erdem Ceylan’s work on the diagrammatical architectures of today, is the most extensive and brilliant work ever, written in Turkish language. In my article I scarcely covered the horizons of his work and had to leave it to a forthcoming article. As a contribution to the Deleuzian diagrammatic argument, I made some remarks regarding my readings on his two books, Bacon and Foucault.

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