tracing the diagrammat­ic approach in allan wexler’s works

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Dilara Tekin | American artist and architect Allan Wexler works in the intersecti­on of art, design and architectu­re. He explores ordinary human actions, daily rituals, and the built environmen­t through his works, which he mentions as “sculpture-furniture-architectu­re” and “objects-buildings-vessels that dissolve the boundaries of architectu­re”. When looking at the way he discusses architectu­re, it is not surprising that the architectu­ral diagram has positioned itself influentia­lly in Wexler’s works. In this paper, the examples chosen among the works of the architect’s 50 years will be interprete­d within the frameworks of “Settling the Earth” and “Representa­tion”. These frameworks may be considered as semantic headlines which can create a convenient ground for discussing the diagram.

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