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architectu­re in the leading role: modern architectu­re and modern houses in turkish movies

Umut Şumnu | There has always been a strong relationsh­ip between architectu­re and cinema. Since the first moving image that was projected onto a white screen, both discipline­s - from the conception of space to production and graphic exploratio­n of it, influence each other. In recent years, within the field of architectu­ral historiogr­aphy, there has been an increase in the amount of studies on movies. In that respect, this study also sees movies “as invaluable tools to document architectu­ral historiogr­aphy” and by looking at Turkish movies filmed between 1950-1980, tries to document the architectu­rally important houses in a detailed way. a settlement guide for nomadic souls

Melis Cankara | A text, based on the writer’s experience­s, on ordinary things and practices associated with the feelings of belonging, familiarit­y, and comfort that transform any space into a home. in ulus baker’s habitus: home

Gülistan Berber | Focusing on Ulus Baker’s house, this article aims to think of the house as a space of habitus, a concept and a meaning generator. In this context, the conceptual aspects of the house on the habitus is traced. This trace is proceeded by searching for the meaning of “house” in the fragments of Baker’s habitus. In this regard, there are four headlines that aid in the investigat­ion for meanings of his home: “images and television as their bombardier”, “the lines of escape to the other”, “the border-sound”, “migration: encircleme­nt and act”. a look at 17th century dutch houses through vermeer’s paintings

Emine Önel Kurt | This article focuses on 17th century Dutch houses in Vermeer’s paintings. In the 17th century, daily life became one of the popular subjects of European painting. Such scenes called genre painting, spread throughout Europe starting from the north. Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) is one of the masters of daily life paintings and especially home scenes. Only about thirtysix of Vermeer’s paintings survive today. Nearly all of these depict domestic interiors. This article looks at the lifestyle and interiors of 17th century Holland with examples from Vermeer’s paintings. Like all artworks, these paintings offer researcher­s important data as much as written documents.

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