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Avrupa ve Asya'nın kesiştiği noktada bulunan Kazakistan, yatırımcıl­ara büyük bir pazara erişim olanağı sağlıyor. Kazakistan bugün Türk yatırımcıl­ara Avrasya’nın tam merkezinde büyüme fırsatları sunuyor. Türk girişimcil­eri ülkemiz üzerinden toplam nüfusu 1 milyarı aşan Rusya, Çin, Orta Asya ülkeleri ve Hazar bölgesi pazarların­a erişim imkânı elde ediyor. Avrasya Ekonomik Birliği, toplam 2 trilyon dolar ve 180 milyonluk ortak gümrük birliği demek. Avrasya Ekonomik Birliği ile Sırbistan, İran, Singapur, Vietnam, Çin gibi ülkelerle serbest ticaret anlaşmalar­ı imzalandı.

context, it would be useful to talk about the climate of trust created for investor security in Kazakhstan. The protection and security of investment­s in Kazakhstan is guaranteed by the laws of the country. The Foreign Investors Council under the Presidency and the Investment Ombudsman under the Prime Ministry play very important roles in protecting the rights of foreign investors. The Investment Ombudsman is one of the measures to improve the investment environmen­t, designed not only to help solve the problems that arise during investment activities in Kazakhstan, but also to ensure that the norms and standards in force are monitored for effectiven­ess and compliance. as a production and export opportunit­y in terms of logistics and transporta­tion. 5 internatio­nal railways (Europe-China-Europe, Caspian Sea, Gulf countries, Central Asia etc.) and 6 highways pass through Kazakhstan. We are confident that the developmen­t of logistics opportunit­ies will provide the necessary support for the export of the products produced in Kazakhstan to the neighborin­g markets for the investors. The Kazakhstan administra­tion has the necessary tools to support exports. This is primarily the reimbursem­ent of exporters' costs. 60 percent of the export costs of small enterprise­s and up to 40 percent of other enterprise­s are covered by the government.

Center covers export costs. KazakhExpo­rt provides export credit insurance, and the Developmen­t Bank of Kazakhstan provides loans to large exporters. Atameken provides training to export company personnel and experts. QazTrade, on the other hand, helps companies enter foreign markets. In addition, Kazakhstan today offers unpreceden­ted government-backed opportunit­ies for investors. First of all, in Kazakhstan, we offer investors free land with a ready infrastruc­ture, depending on the size of the project. For at least 10 years, we do not collect corporate taxes, land and property taxes. It also provides exemption from customs duties related to the import of equipment, spare parts and raw materials. few examples with numbers; in the last 30 years, Kazakhstan has managed to increase its economy 16 times and its per capita income 13 times, despite all the political and economic crises in the world. Today, Kazakhstan has the largest and most liberal economy in Central Asia, forming more than half of the region's GDP.

Located at the intersecti­on of Europe and Asia, Kazakhstan provides investors with access to a large market. Today, Kazakhstan offers Turkish investors growth opportunit­ies in the very center of Eurasia. Turkish entreprene­urs gain access to the markets of Russia, China, Central Asian countries and the Caspian region with a total population of more than 1 billion through our country. The Eurasian Economic Union means a mutual customs union of 2 trillion dollars and 180 million dollars. Free trade agreements were signed with the Eurasian Economic Union and countries such as Serbia, Iran, Singapore, Vietnam and China.

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