A re­cent ar­ti­cle in the Wash­ing­ton Post on Turkey is a stereo­typ­i­cal piece full of bi­ases, seem­ing to have been penned by the direc­tion of Pen­tagon of­fi­cials

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THE WASH­ING­TON Post’s os­ten­si­bly good-willed crit­i­cism of Turkey has no ef­fect on the Turk­ish people since it is al­ready known that it serves as a bul­letin for the new rulers in Wash­ing­ton

In an ed­i­to­rial ar­ti­cle pub­lished on March 11, the Wash­ing­ton Post harshly crit­i­cized Ankara say­ing that “the tweet has been turned into a crime” in Turkey. The ar­ti­cle, which claims that Turkey has fallen from West­ern norms as it is march­ing along­side Rus­sia, China, Egypt, Cuba and oth­ers, calls the world for duty.

I have the same feel­ing ev­ery time a transat­lantic name as­pires to be po­lit­i­cally cor­rect: There must be only a few places on earth where im­pos­ture is in­sti­tu­tion­al­ized in such a well-groomed way as in Wash­ing­ton. Cur­rently, we are go­ing through a crit­i­cal pe­riod in which Turkey is tar­geted by non-demo­cratic forces and ter­ror­ists, who are hu­man­ity’s com­mon en­emy. We are en­deav­or­ing to erad­i­cate the mil­i­tary tute­lage and the con­ven­tion of coups in Turkey and pay­ing the price for that. For all th­ese years, we have been en­deav­or­ing to stand up against the im­pe­ri­al­ists and up­hold­ing our sel­f­re­spect.

How­ever, those who see that this trans­for­ma­tion of Turkey means the coun­try’s in­de­pen­dence from the global ex­ploita­tion mech­a­nism are in panic. I am men­tion­ing the in- ter­est groups in Wash­ing­ton whom the U.S. Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump di­rectly re­ferred to as a threat for his coun­try in the first speech he made af­ter his in­au­gu­ra­tion. Th­ese groups hide be­hind their smil­ing faces and po­lit­i­cally cor­rect stereo­types to reign at the cost of wel­fare and peace in the Mid­dle East, Latin Amer­ica and east­ern Europe.

When­ever a coun­try ob­jects to the vi­o­lence-prone U.S. hege­mony that has been on­go­ing since World War II and fo­cuses on democ­racy and de­vel­op­ment, they are the first to be in­ter­fered with. Ini­tially, they start by declar­ing demo­crat­i­cal­ly­elected po­lit­i­cal lead­ers who im­ple­ment mil­i­tary and eco­nomic poli­cies not fa­vored by the rulers of the U.S. “il­le­git­i­mate.” Then, they dis­play their ob­jec­tion to free­dom with cam­paigns un­der­lin­ing that free­dom is in dan­ger, like in the Wash­ing­ton Post’s ar­ti­cle, which reads:

“Turkey once had a ro­bust, in­de­pen­dent press, but Mr. Er­doğan has waged a mul­ti­front cam­paign: clos­ing me­dia out­lets, forc­ing oth­ers into new own­er­ship, and us­ing friendly judges and pros­e­cu­tors.”

As a jour­nal­ist, I can safely con­tend that what is hap­pen­ing in Turkey is the ex­act op­po­site of the pic­ture por­trayed by the ar­ti­cle. The Turk­ish me­dia is get­ting more di­verse and plu­ral­is­tic with each pass­ing day. The ma­jor­ity, who was not rep­re­sented by main­stream me­dia in the past, is fi­nally get­ting rep­re­sen­ta­tion in the me­dia to­day.

In a nut­shell, rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the U.S. power groups in Turkey have lost their old glory, and as they have de­clined, they have at­tempted to make un­law­ful al­liances to bring back the old or­der de­spite the elec­torate and the pop­u­lar will. This time, how­ever, the plot has not been ap­plied to Turkey. They have not been able to shape Turkey as they wanted.

So the at­tempts of Wash­ing­ton Post, which pub­lished the opin­ions of people who plot­ted the July 15 mil­i­tary coup at­tempt in Turkey, are fu­tile.

It is ob­vi­ous the news­pa­per’s os­ten­si­bly good-willed crit­i­cisms on Turkey have no ef­fect on the Turk­ish people since it is al­ready known that it serves as a bul­letin for the new rulers of Wash­ing­ton; the Pen­tagon, CIA, and the car­tels al­ly­ing with them, as de­clared by Trump’s lat­est tweet.

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