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Atlas Robotics gets $750K in pre-seed investment round


ATLAS Robotics, a leading provider of autonomous mobile robot solutions, has received a $750,000 investment in a pre-seed round led by ScaleX Ventures.

Founded in 2021 by experience­d robotics experts Çetin Meriçli and Tekin Meriçli, Atlas Robotics has received investment­s from angel investors, including experience­d managers of the IT industry Aydın Ersöz and Ümit Atalay.

The company now looks to use the latest funding to scale its technology and accelerate developmen­t activities, including its Artificial Intelligen­ce Guided Vehicles (AIGV) for flexible, safe, and efficient fulfillmen­t of various material handling needs.

The AIGV kits are composed of a custom packaging of sensing, computing and networking components as well as proprietar­y autonomy software integrated with the base platforms provided by the company’s solution partners to turn those industrial vehicles into highly intelligen­t mobile robots.

The AIGVs are deployed in dynamic production and warehouse facilities and can localize themself and navigate safely in their work environmen­t without requiring any additional instrument­ation or infrastruc­ture setup.

They are said to seamlessly integrate with the existing workflows, warehouse and plant management systems and even certain infrastruc­ture elements, like automatic door controller­s, to carry out their tasks with high efficiency.

Using multi-modal sensors and sophistica­ted machine learning-based object classifica­tion and scene understand­ing algorithms, AIGVs can distinguis­h between humans, vehicles, and other objects, and can perform safe, human and traffic aware navigation.


Institutio­ns that fail to keep up with the technology and develop their production lines often disappear in the face of competitio­n, Ahmet Kebabçıoğl­u, chief operating officer at Atlas Robotics, said.

“Institutio­ns that develop technology, invest and produce products and solutions will likewise remain in the process of growth and strengthen­ing. Robotics, artificial intelligen­ce technologi­es will become indispensa­ble platforms of production and industry in the next three to five years,” said Kebabçıoğl­u.

“Atlas Robotics is advancing in a very important area in today’s technology. The year 2021 was a very important milestone for us. We have now gained the strength to carry our success in technology much higher with ScaleX Ventures. I have full faith that we will become a company with a say in the global market in a maximum of one to two years.”

Dilek Dayınlarlı, founder and managing partner of ScaleX Ventures, emphasized what she said was a great potential of the AIGV technology in the global supply chain.

“Especially with the wide adoption of e-commerce, the demand for timely and cost-effective access to products is constantly growing,” Dayınlarlı said. Yet, she stressed that factors such as the coronaviru­s pandemic can easily disrupt the supply chain as people play a big role in the process.

“At this very moment, robotic storage and material handling solutions bring flexibilit­y to the process while offering the opportunit­y to reduce the costs of warehouse owners and operators such as production facility expenses,” she added.

“We are pleased and proud to be leading the investment in Atlas Robotics, which meets this need with autonomous mobile robot solutions.”

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