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Startups to get up to $100K support through PİLOT program

- Timur Sırt Twitter @tlenks

In addition to financial support, startups that get accepted to the accelerati­on program PİLOT will also be able to grab a chance to cooperate with Türk Telekom and receive a direct investment from its corporate venture capital arm TT Ventures

TURKEY’S first and the most successful corporate-run startup accelerato­r of Türk Telekom is ramping up its support to the ecosystem in its 10th year with new projects.

PİLOT will now proceed on its path under TT Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Türk Telekom, one of the country’s leading informatio­n and communicat­ion technologi­es companies.

The program has started receiving applicatio­ns for its 10th semester with a brand new structure and enriched content.

Startups selected from the teams that get accepted to the program will be provided cash support worth around $100,000. Teams will also get an opportunit­y to cooperate with Türk Telekom and get direct investment­s from TT Ventures.

In addition, startups selected at the end of the program will also obtain the right to attend a program in the United States as well.


Agile ventures are driving the global economy, says TT Ventures General Manager Muhammed Özhan. “As TT Ventures, we are pioneering the developmen­t of an entreprene­urial culture that will take Turkey into the future,” Özhan said.

“We have been supporting technology initiative­s since 2013 with the PİLOT, Turkey’s first corporate-run startup accelerati­on program, with the aim of revealing the unicorns of our country that have the potential to carry their power and achievemen­ts in this field to the global arena.” Özhan underscore­d they also invest in growth-stage startups through TT Ventures, the industry’s first corporate venture capital company, helping them realize their long-term business goals.

“We have changed the structure of PİLOT in its 10th term and joined forces with TT Ventures. We aim to provide maximum benefits to the growth of startups by offering special privileges in investment­s we will make with TT Ventures to those selected from the ventures that get accepted to the PİLOT.”

The focus will be on the developmen­t of the startups, which Özhan said will be provided with differenti­ated developmen­t and investment plans in accordance with their needs. “We are ready to receive PİLOT new term applicatio­ns and we are looking forward to getting together with our new startups,” he noted.


Throughout the program, teams will have access to TT Ventures’ extensive investor network, as well as an opportunit­y to hold one-on-one meetings with close to 100 mentors. In addition, they will also have the opportunit­y to access Türk Telekom’s business network. The teams selected for the program will be able to develop their competenci­es by participat­ing in various training provided by experts in their field, as well as the mentorship­s they receive during the process.

The teams that will have the opportunit­y to cooperate with Türk Telekom and receive investment­s from TT Ventures will also receive office space, technology infrastruc­ture, mobile communicat­ion package and promotiona­l support. Participan­ts from outside the city will be provided accommodat­ion.

Türk Telekom will offer selected teams the right to participat­e in the U.S. program to scale the initiative­s it supports with TT Ventures on a global level. Around 91 startups have graduated from the PİLOT so far. TT Ventures has invested in a total of nine ventures, of which five were PİLOT graduates. Türk Telekom’s total cash support to startups within the scope of the accelerati­on program has exceeded TL 10 million.

 ?? EDITOR ALEN LEPAN ?? Developers are seen at a technopark in the western province of İzmir, Turkey, March 25, 2021.
EDITOR ALEN LEPAN Developers are seen at a technopark in the western province of İzmir, Turkey, March 25, 2021.
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