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Game industry meets NFT technology


BV GROWTH, a fund that invests in areas such as gaming, fintech, retail technologi­es and digital, and health, and Boğaziçi Ventures, which invests in technologi­es that can rapidly scale in internatio­nal markets, together with Mert Fırat, a famous Turkish actor and screenwrit­er, have invested around TL 3.12 million (over $229,000) in NDG Studio.

Founded by Ufuk Serdar Demir and Emre Ertekin in 2020, NDG Studio develops various hyper-casual and casual games. The game studio, which has a team of nine people, also says that it has been working with the world’s leading publishers.

The gaming sector in Turkey, which has an annual export revenue of more than $2 billion, continues to grow, driven also by important developmen­ts such as nonfungibl­e token (NFT) games and the metaverse.

“Since we, as Boğaziçi Ventures, look at every investment we make as newcomers to our family, we are very meticulous about choosing teams that we can get along well with and have the same dreams as us while walking together on the road to success,” Burak Balık, one of the partners of Boğaziçi Ventures, said.

“NDG is also an investment that makes us extremely happy in this sense,” said Balık, also known as a serial investor and expert in the gaming sector who owns successful technology startups.


Demir, a founding partner of NDG Studio, expressed that they want to turn completely toward casual and NFT games with the investment they have received, stressing a belief that they will achieve success soon with their partnershi­p with Boğaziçi Ventures.

“As a result of this investment and partnershi­p, we think that we will achieve a high market share in the American, European and Asian markets with our casual games,” said Demir.

He stated that they will move forward with a new vision after the investment with the experience they have gained in different types of games.

“We are very happy to join forces with the Boğaziçi. We believe that we will grow in a very short time with the experience and knowledge of Boğaziçi Ventures’ partners in the sector. We are confident that we will achieve success in the casual and NFT game fields with the strength that will arise from this partnershi­p.”

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