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Economic outlook by bankers

Umit Leblebici, TEB, general manager

Turkey’s currency-interest level and basic economic indicators are very attractive for investors.

The existing exchange rate makes it possible for companies that export successful­ly and use their financing properly to find new markets and increase sales.

Rating companies have alimited impact ondebt.

Recent loan requests are predominan­tly oriented towards business capital needs.

We started to grow in the first quarter in loans. If we can continue this growth in the second and third quarters, the multiplier effect will be high.

Serra Akcaoglu, Citi Turkiye, chief executive

The portfolio investor is looking at real revenue. At present, there is a real return of about 1 percent.

Stocks quoted on BIST are inexpensiv­e. Turkey offers attractive investment opportunit­ies on a risk-return ratio.

Turkey proved to be a durable economy in the mid- to long term.

Turkey should reduce inflation to single digits.

We have to reduce imports and increase our exports.

Education reform, reforms that support a flexible labor market and all reforms to increase women’s employment are essential.

Hakan Ates, DenizBank, general manager

The credit growth rate for 2017 may be close to 20 percent.

Expansiona­ry measures were taken. With these measures, the budget deficit will increase slightly.

The priority given to growth has overtaken the fight against inflation. This is how 2017 will go, and 2018 will be a year of reflection on these policies. Inflation will not be as low as we thought.

The first-quarter results of the banking sector will point to an optimistic outlook as a result of measures taken by the government.

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