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March 29, 2017


The issues of “authority” and “supervisio­n,” which need to be discussed when going to a referendum, have been ignored. Hayrettin Karaman writes that people who vote “no” are “alienated from their own values, civilizati­on and culture.” (Yeni Safak, March 26). This is his second such article, the first of which was printed on March 5. Columnist Ibrahim Kiras wrote a more historical criticism that mentions the Battle of Siffin, during which Muslim soldiers attached pages from the Quran to their spears. “It is extremely dangerous in all respects to take a current political issue as a component of Islamic belief,” Kiras wrote (Karar, March 28). I would also say that it would be more appropriat­e for Karaman, a specialist in fiqh (Islamic law), to explain what “powers” were given to the president in the text of the referendum and how their “control” was organized. Because there are rules about the supervisio­n of “holders of authority,” according to fiqh.

Voting no

March 30, 2017


Several developmen­ts are afoot as we near the day we go to the polls to answer the question “Shall we convert to a presidenti­al system from the parliament­ary system?” One of the most interestin­g comments was made by a reliable hodja when he took the referendum to be a fatwa. The subject of the referendum is not related to religion in any way, but if we were forced to consider it so, it can be said the parliament­ary system works on the concepts of consultati­on and council. But our hodja wants a presidenti­al system and believes the vote should be “yes.” He does not consider votes and voters to be equal in value. He thinks “no” voters are “alienated from their own values, civilizati­on and culture.” His assessment is based on the assumption that “yes” votes will win the referendum. Well, what if “no” wins?

Consensus and



March 30, 2017


We are approachin­g the end of ongoing discussion­s about Turkey’s economy and politics. The April 16 referendum will be a milestone in this sense. No longer will anyone in this country be unsure of what we mean by “structural reform” in the economy, for instance. This reform program will include a new growth model, which will be based on production and competitio­n, rather than interest and unearned income, one that emphasizes industry, exports and fair and inclusive growth. A monetary policy that directly supports employment and a fiscal policy that does not focus solely on the primary surplus and that minimizes injustices in the tax system will be our main starting point. A helpful rather than obstructiv­e bureaucrac­y, where market entry and exit will be at its highest level in order for foreign direct investment to increase rapidly will also be part of this transforma­tion. Public finance and public administra­tion reforms are also within this perspectiv­e.

‘Yes’ camp vows to end tutelage



March 29, 2017


...This is the first time, next April, political system change has become a real possibilit­y. ...That is the reason some unimaginab­le efforts have been made to ignore and stultify the greatest public resistance of the 21st century... The United States and The European Union have one single goal: stopping Turkey, which speaks up for justice in the world and seeks equal relations. That’s why they are scared of a victory for the “yes” camp in the upcoming referendum. Since the referendum will remove the presence of the undemocrat­ic system of tutelage that facilitate­s weak government­s and bends to the IMF.

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