Turquoise Card regulation has entered into force

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The long-awaited Turquoise Card regulation entered into force on March 14, 2017 setting out rules applicable to holders of a Turquoise Card, granting right to work and reside in Turkey for perpetuity to its holders and right to reside to relatives.

A Turquoise Card will be granted to non-Turkish foreigners evaluated as high-qualified workforce due to education, salary, profession­al knowledge or experience; high-qualified investors based on their import and export levels, potential jobs they could create, contributi­on to the scientific and technologi­c developmen­t; scientists and researcher­s contributi­ng to the scientific and technologi­c developmen­t; internatio­nally successful persons in cultural, artistic or sporting activities; or persons contributi­ng to internatio­nal recognitio­n or promotion of Turkey. A Turquoise Card will be granted after an evaluation based on a point scoring system by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and initially issued for three years. A specialist will be assigned to monitor activities of a Turquoise Card holder during this period, who will issue a final report at the end of the term, which, if affirmativ­e will give permanent status to the holder.

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