Borusan adapts Uber model into shipping

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Borusan Holding doubled its turnover in two years, reaching $10 million with its Electronic Transporta­tion Network (eTA), where truck and rig drivers are linked with small and medium sized enterprise­s (SME) in a digital environmen­t. Adapting the $70 billion Uber model into its transporta­tion network, eTA currently arranges the parcel traffic of more than 7,500 SMEs with 69,000 trucks. With 70 percent of its work capacity in the Marmara Region, eTA now aims to increase its recognitio­n in other cities of Anatolia, starting from İzmir, and reach $23 million of turnover in 2017, according to daily DUNYA.

Hamdi Ercelik, eTA General Manager said: “Big companies operate planned and continuous shipping activities whilst the needs of SMEs are spontaneou­s and urgent. Large logistics companies do not have the ability to respond to this need.”

Connecting SMEs with truckers “There are 850,000 legally operating registered trucks in Turkey. Three-hundred thousand of them are active. A very important part of these vehicles consists of small fleets. When we spoke to these businesses, they said that they had an efficiency problem, related to the empty mileage they take between two jobs - 20 percent according to Turkstat statistics. eTA emerged in 2010 with the idea of connecting SMEs and truckers in line with this need” he went on to explain tne need for this business .

Turnover doubled in 2016 eTA reached 69,000 truckers with the mobile applicatio­n they created. Their SME subscriber base has also reached 7,500 users. “We reached a turnover of $5 million as of 2015 and saw strong growth in 2016 until June,” Ercelik said. “Although the economic fluctuatio­n after the July 15 coup attempt slowed us down, we ended the year with $10 million turnover. Our budget target for 2017 turnover is $23 million”.

Stating that their desire is to go global with this Turkish brand while expanding the business in Turkey, Ercelik added: “We are using local software, which we developed with the support of the Scientific and Technologi­cal Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). Our code is completely original. We integrated several package programs but map support, ordering units, and mobile applicatio­n were made completely by us.”

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