“We expect a more positive year in 2017”

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Ermut expects a much more positive year in 2017 for Turkey as long as global crises do not emerge. Speaking about the referendum:

“The reforms will continue and the transition period to the new system will be completed in a healthy way,” he said. “We will look at ways to close 2017 with nearly $15 billion in terms of FDI. If the global dynamics work in our favor and act as a positive multiplier, we may also attract more than that. We will do our best to achieve this. FDI coming from Europe fell to 65 percent from 75, while U.S. origin FDI fell to 9 percent from 15. But Russia’s share increased from 2 percent to 6 percent, while the share of the Middle East rose to 16 percent from 8 percent. We continue our market diversific­ation work.” We are attracting more investors from Japan, China, the Middle East, Arabicspea­king countries and Russia”

Ermut said. “Not every investor is in our scope but the ones with a track record of adding value to the countries they enter. In spite of the coup attempt and global problems, Turkey has reached an important place in the eyes of global investors with incentives such as the turquoise card and citizenshi­p rights for foreign investors.”

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