It is likely to draw significan­t interest from the global air transport industry

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Dunya Executive: What influenced investors in the third airport?

Yusuf Akcayoglu: Turkey and Istanbul in particular are the rising stars of global air transport. Air traffic statistics over the past 10 years attest that Turkey’s airports are seeing double-digit growth and are rapidly moving up the air traffic rankings. The country is also on course to become one of the world’s top 10 economies by 2023. There is great interest in what will become the world’s largest airport and a leading transport hub and it is likely to draw significan­t interest from the global air transport industry, providing the first real chance for IGA and our partners to showcase the vision and giant step towards the future that the new Istanbul airport represents. The criteria of interest in any airport are fully related to an airport’s assets. Location, the potential for tourism, technologi­cal superiorit­y, architectu­ral design, cost of services rendered and safety are all measures of an airport’s performanc­e. In this respect, we have seen Istanbul’s new airport already gaining a significan­t attention worldwide. We’ve seen this through world fairs, recent exhibition­s we have participat­ed in and the internatio­nal media on the client side, as well as on our suppliers’ side during our investment. We can easily say that a large group of local and internatio­nal parties look forward to opening of the new Istanbul airport as soon as possible.

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