“Turkish business world is technology friendly and innovative”

Dünya Executive - - BUSINESS -

The visiting companies described being amazed by the technology friendline­ss of the Turkish business world and Industry 4.0 vision, Turkey’s road map for developmen­t. “The country has not only embraced a wide variety of technologi­es, leading in other areas as well, but it is innovative in a lot of different ways in a lot of different sectors: software, electronic­s, robotics, etcetera,” Nova’s Worden said. Reynolds of Tunnel Radio underlined the most notable thing was the speed in which Turkey adopts progressiv­e thinking with the applicatio­n of technology. “I am not surprised by the level of expertise, I’ve heard a lot of about it. But in North America, where I compete, the speed to develop, research and developmen­t and engineerin­g processes - the time it takes from vision to value, I think, can be exceptiona­lly long. I get the absolute opposite impression here,” he said.

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