Tears shed for prayers that came true

t24.com.tr April 19, 2017 METIN MUNIR

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -

Erdogan and his team rendered Turkey into this state (after) they managed Turkey in a bad way - not because the system was bad. There were many positive improvemen­ts in the first term of the AKP ... But when things worsened, the system was to blame

... Neither Erdogan nor his management style will change just because his arbitrary presidenti­al system has been legitimati­zed. Neither allies nor neighbouri­ng countries will believe that. Born in the monastery of the Muslim Brotherhoo­d, Erdogan will push Turkey more toward the Arab and Islamic worlds. As the economy worsens, he will increase the pressure inside and become more aggresive in foreign policy. He will make the disengagem­ent with the EU official by bringing capital punishment back, and he will close the door on civilizati­on and freedom. Turkey will be facing more economic stagnation, stronger concussion­s, violence and foreign policy shocks. It’s a tragedy that more than half of the people don’t see all this coming.

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