Invalid vote


Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -

The statement from the Supreme Electoral Council’s president during the referendum that unstamped ballots were valid resulted in the invalidity of the entire referendum … An “unstamped election” is an invalid election. The law on this is so clear that even discussing this reflects the severity of the situation we are in. You cannot change the constituti­on with an illegitima­te and illegal election. This constituti­onal amendments cannot be effective. The only legal way out is the cancellati­on and reprisal of the referendum. This is not an issue to ignore, saying, “It’s just the losing party making excuses.” An election contrary to the Electoral Law is invalid. The Supreme Electoral Council’s statement is null and void. If this result is is imposed despite all of this, it means that country will be managed with an illegitima­te and illegal constituti­on, in other words, with a constituti­on that doesn’t even exist.

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