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As the referendum results became clearer during the counting, the enthusiasm in the first hours at AKP headquarte­rs turned into an acrid atmosphere ... Prime Minister Binali Yildirim’s words, “Friends, no need for acridity, no need to be demoralise­d,” marked the meeting ... AKP sought a “meaningful yes” result in the referendum. It was not a meaningful “yes,” but a meaningful message emerging from the ballot box. Erdogan said, “Don’t forget November 2019. Yesterday we send a signal flare toward 2019.” Erdogan signalled that the message was taken. It is useful to observe every improvemen­t within the AKP. Because it’s a turning point for the AKP. Either they will learn a lesson from these results and move towards new policies or they won’t get the message and pursue current policies further. This choice will also determine the result of the 2019 elections.

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