New plastics R&D center to open in Bursa


Italy’s HRSflow is expanding its operations in Turkey and plans to open a research and developmen­t center in Bursa and a new branch in Manisa.

The company provides plastics engineerin­g and consultanc­y services for the lighting, automotive, medical, packaging and cosmetics sectors.

HRSflow is the hot-runner division of INglass, an Italian plastics engineerin­g company that provides molds and injection systems, as well as engineerin­g and consultanc­y services for the advanced developmen­t of plastics products. The company produces plastics systems for the automotive, packaging and white goods sectors at three plants in Italy, the United States and China. It has a presence in 28 countries with 52 branches, 16 warehouses and 13 design and engineerin­g centers.

“We are located in Bursa, because is easier to reach all the large industrial cities in Turkey like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir,” said Pesce Gianluca, general manager of HRSflow in Turkey.

“We already have an engineerin­g department. In the future, we will also establish an R&D de- partment in Bursa. We have never closed the door to new opportunit­y” said Gianluca.

HRSflow imports material from Italy and China. It began selling products in Turkey in 2005 and opened a here branch in 2011. Recently, it opened another branch in Manisa.

“Our business sector is increasing a lot, and there are some big producers in Manisa. All of the suppliers of big white goods producers are around the Organized Industrial Zone, so that’s why we decided to establish a branch in Manisa three months ago,” said Gianluca.

Target for Turkish market is 20% increase in revenue

HRSflow offers 24-hour customer service and support to clients such as Vestel, Whirlpool, BSH and Arcelik. “For customers, this is very important becausepro­duction continues 24/7. They never stop, not only in the automotive market but also the white goods sector,” Gianluca said. Gianluca: “Our company in 2004 had 160 people, but today we have 1,200 people working with us. Our target for 2017 is 15 percent growth in turnover, as a whole company, and for Turkey our target is 20 percent.”

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