AK Party on verge of significan­t developmen­ts

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May 3


Some of the people Erdogan establishe­d the AK Party with on August

14, 2001, were not present when he rejoined the party. Erdogan sent a message for the first time to Abdullah Gul, the subject of speculatio­n that he may set up a new party and be the candidate of the “no” front. “We condemn those who cannot stomach this heavy burden … and leave the assessment to the nation,” Erdogan said. The rest of his words were as sharp as a knife. “I have not seen anyone who improved after turning his back on the party.” Erdogan, who has not ever dropped a hint about Gul, made such a speech for the first time. He challenged him in a sense. An important warning was directed to the European Union. Erdogan first said, “Open the chapters.” Then he shot the bullet by saying, “Otherwise, we do not have anything to discuss with you.” Erdogan fine-tuned the AK Party, which he returned to three years later. He is going to actually format the party after the congress. That is why the AK Party is on the eve of significan­t developmen­ts.

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