A president for how many people?

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -


May 3


They say that a party leader can be a president only for those who voted for that party … As if you were very respectful to Erdogan before his return to the party. You were so respectful that you were using expression­s like “dictator,” “bastard child,” “angus,” and “stealer” … Dear Mr. Kilicdarog­lu, I remind you once again that it’s too late now. There is no point in discussing legitimacy. There is also no benefit in doing so. The situation is as clear as possible. A constituti­onal amendment in the past cut off a president’s relations with his party. Another amendment changed it to how it was previously … If the public has the final say in democracie­s, then the people have told you what they had to say and showed you strongly that your talk about legitimacy does not mean anything to them. It is over.

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