Reversing the referendum

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May 3


I am a person whose heart beats for the left, but I do not want a leftist candidate in the 2019 presidenti­al election. Everyone will leave their identity to one side and will say, “Yes, this guy can do it, let’s stand behind him,” about their favorite candidate. An honorable democrat who can also take at least 10 percent of

AKP voters away from the party, as well as all the “no” votes. A “program man” for whom we will say “yes” instead of “no.” A person who is going to be

“in charge” for the masses. What will he be in charge of? With the democratiz­ation of Turkey ... A program to stop this leadership and its leader from dragging the country into an increasing­ly autocratic and even darker future is the most urgent issue of the country. The main axis of the program is to cancel the presidenti­al system with another referendum. This time we all say “yes” to this. So I am not interested in a party, a party leader nor a party program.

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