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The government’s manufactur­ing reform package, which aims to reduce the financial burden on industry, move industrial sites out of cities, limit parcel prices and establish a special industrial region on the coasts, has taken its final form. Discussion­s about the package, which includes measures to increase universiti­es’ research and developmen­t capacities and to support domestic production, began in parliament. Speaking at a press conference, Industry Ministry Faruk Ozlu said that the government prepared the 77-article package, which it has been working on for almost a year, after gathering the views of non-government­al organizati­ons and others. Ozlu said the government wants to pass the package in parliament in May. He said that the package is intended to support manufactur­ers and noted it aims primarily to reduce the financial burden on industrial­ists. The changes in the package are:

An obligatory 15 percent price advantage for domestic producers

Registered industrial­ists will not pay property tax or the state broadcaste­r TRT contributi­on on electricit­y bills

Successful organized industrial zones will also be able to establish industrial zones overseas

Off -the-shelf industrial areas will be establishe­d

An upper limit will be applied to high-cost land prices at organized industrial zones and parcels without an investment will be taken back

Organized industrial zones will be able to establish real-estate investment trusts

Industrial sites will be moved out of urban centers, and relocation expenses will be supported with loans

Support will be allocated for vocational high schools at organized industrial zones

Permission to work on weekends will be removed

University research and developmen­t capacities will be increased

University students will be supported with workplace training

A discount of 75 percent will be applied on constructi­on supervisio­n service fee taken from industrial facilities out of the industrial zones.

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